Cut Smoking by 50% for Good

Naturally, Easily & Without losing your mind



I will help do this

completely naturally and USING JUST Your MIND

It’s Safe, easy and super Cool!

Even if …you smoke more than a pack a day,

Even if …you’ve smoked for more than 10 years,

Even if …you have tried to stop and failed,

Repeat after me

“This time will be different!”

 Do you Want to Quit Smoking ? 


Do you have a loved one who wants to quit ?

In just 4 days you will start to feel that warm self-satisfied glow of achievement and you will be able to see yourself taking the next step


No Chemicals or Replacements Necessary


Don’t Need More Convincing, 

Ready to CUT Your SMOKING By 50% ?


Your investment is just $150

For the online program



Get a 60% Discount – Regular Price $300


You Only pay $120/-

Get the online program + A private virtual session with me. 


What I do, WhY I do it, and How I got here


I’m Tricia,

You’re In-House Hypnotist and Master of Suggestion!

I am fascinated by the power of suggestion. I look for hypnotic suggestions everywhere, stores that I visit, movies, on the street, in every interaction. Yes, even after 6 years of being a Master Hypnotist, hypnosis still holds me in her thrall

Like many people, I had my doubts about hypnosis when I first learned about it. Was it a stage act? Would it make you lose control or cluck like a chicken? Did it even work? I never imagined that my husband wanting to quit smoking would lead to a whole new career for me. (See full story here)

And did my husband stop smoking? Of course, he was my guinea pig! He also lost 50 Lbs but that’s another story. Yes! Smoking did bring me to hypnosis, so naturally, I specialize in this area and have helped hundreds of clients to overcome this habit and KICK THAT BUTT.
I usually see my clients in person if they are in the Toronto area or virtually, if they are anywhere else in the world.

I guarantee that you will never smoke again once you do the program one-on-one with me.

BUT Hey! I realize that not everyone is ready for this total transformation and so for them, I have developed

The 4GoFramework: A set of 4 steps that guide you into Cutting your Number of Cigarettes by 50% for good, in just 4 days.

BUT DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT, here’s what people who’ve worked with me are saying.

What you will get


A private online hypnosis session with me, where I will answer your questions on hypnosis as well as install the right suggestions to get you started on your journey to Kick that Butt.


4 easy and discreet steps that you can employ within minutes anywhere and at any time every time you get the urge to light up.


A unique but simple tracker. No, it’s not like other programs where you track how many you smoked a day with a serving of guilt.The Butt Tracker is a key tool to understand your connection with this habit.


The key to the program, an audio track to listen to each day. A hypnotic recording filled with suggestions to :

– diminish the cravings

– reduce the urge

– gain control.



5 powerful hypnotic suggestions pre-crafted for you to use during self hypnosis, created especially for this program.


What Not to do:

Clear expectations and advice on what NOT to do.

Learnings from other people’s mistakes.

The After party:

What to do once you have quit.

Self Hypnosis lesson: Learn how to do this and keep your momentum.


Your investment is just $150

For the online program


Get a 60% Discount – Regular Price $300

You Only pay $120/-

Get the online program + A private virtual session with me. 


Imagine This

IMAGINE waking up each morning and realizing that you can enjoy your coffee, WITHOUT NEEDING a cigarette.

VISUALIZE not having to get bundled up and go out in the cold anymore.

IMAGINE NOT being out of breath, as you run around with the kids.

PICTURE your infuriatingly patient BUT silently disapproving partner, who does not think you can do it!

Just imagine … their grudging approval, when you do! Won’t that be Sweeeeet?

IMAGINE feeling that warm self-satisfied inner glow of pride, buying your self a little gift, like a brand new smartphone or a yummy summer dress with the money you saved, in just ONE MONTH of cutting down.

Wait, what about taking a Caribbean cruise, or that trip to Hawaii in just 6 months from now?

Who knows what you’ll splurge on in a year!

But Most Important of all…

IMAGINE being less dependent,

PROVING to yourself that YOU CAN DO THIS,


IMAGINE  knowing that you are just halfway down the road to KICKING THAT BUTT and becoming






A. You may! You’re not a complete non-smoker as yet and you have not dealt with the emotional roots as yet but they won’t be the crazy “I’m gonna set fire to your house” kind of cravings. Your mind knows that you can have a smoke at any time that you please, so it is not in panic mode.

Plus the hypnosis track that you listen to each day will ensure that you are in a calm and easy state and that your conscious and subconscious minds are finally slow dancing together, in complete unison!


Q. Won't I be Triggered by my friends whEN they smoke?
A.  NO ! Because you will probably smoke with them, like you always do, just less than you normally do.

Q. Once I cut Down how long can I sustain this ?

A. Ah!  Good Question! The easy answer is – for as long as you want!

Weeks, months, years. My guess is you don’t want it to be years and you will take the next step pretty quickly. You can try re-doing the process and cut down to half of the half but I would be remiss, if I did not warn you that to become a complete non-smoker FOR GOOD,  you will need specialized help to clear up all of your current environmental triggers, your emotional triggers and reprogram your mind to become and remain a non-smoker for life. I mean you really only want to do this once. But let’s worry about that when we get there.


Q. I have tried to Quit in the past, and it has never fully worked, I always slipped back into the habit.

A. Most people will read a book or watch a video and try to do this,  others will use aids like the patch or the gum and yet some will go cold turkey and try sheer will-power. Some even succeed in sustaining this for months, a year or 2 even. But then something happens and you start smoking again. And before you know it you’re addicted again. This is because you have not dealt with the emotional roots, the underlying cause that most of us are unaware of. 

With the 4GOFramework I am not promising that you will completely quit. Becoming smoke-free is a complex process, that involves the mind and body. The 4GO process helps you to take control one step at a time, proving to yourself, that it is possible in the long term. To become smoke-free, painlessly and with lasting results, there is deeper work involved. This process gets you half way there. But Fear Not my Lovelies!
I do promise lasting results and I also have a KICK THAT BUTT Program that walks you across the line to becoming totally smoke free

Been There Done that and bought the T-ShiRT


I am healthier and can perform better at work and sports,

I am also happier with myself and my personal life. I feel that people in my life are impressed with the healthy new me.

Hypnosis really was painless.

Thank you Tricia, for showing me what I was truly made of from inside out.

Jagoda Semaia

I have smoked for 15+ years and I smoked about half a pack to a pack a day.

Before I worked with Tricia, I struggled so much with smoking. My life completely and utterly revolved around my next cigarette; ‘Before I walk out the door to go to work, do I have enough for the day? When is my next break? When I finish lunch, will I have enough time to run outside?’

Now I’m happy to say, I’m happy to say I feel great!! I feel accomplished.

Tricia is amazing and if you give her a chance, you’ll absolutely love her!

The 4GoFramework is fantastic –  just trust the process!


Your investment is just $150

For the online program


Get a 60% Discount – Regular Price $300

You Only pay $120/-

Get the online program + A private virtual session with me.


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